The purpose of a project plan is to document the deliverables and requirements that will be monitored throughout the life of the project. Every project needs a reference plan in order to stay on track and keep everything,  and everyone, in alignment.  Don’t forget – projects have a defined start and end … they don’t go on forever.  A project plan is a ‘must have’ resource in the toolkit of any good project manager.

5 key elements of a great project plan include:

1.  Charter –  details the scope, requirements, timeline and objectives of the project

2. Resource plan –  outlines the necessary skill set and team members required to work on the project

3. Schedule – organizes all the tasks needed to be completed into a timeline

4. Communication Plan – establishes the frequency and type of status updates to stakeholders and team members

5. Change Management Plan  – manages risk and controls any changes that may ‘creep’ into your project.

To find out more about developing ‘great’ project plans  – tune into our Box Lunch and Learn December 8th where we’ll be unpacking this and other Secrets from our Project Playbook.