We’ve all taken jobs during our ‘salad days’ – remember when you were working your way through university or when OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyou were just starting out in life – to make ends meet.

For me, one of the 3 concurrent jobs I had in my early days, was selling Tupperware (my husband used to say “No sex, no supper, just tupper, tupper, tupper”). One night when I arrived at a party I had booked, only 3 guests had shown up. I hid my disappointment with a big smile and loads of enthusiasm while inwardly groaning at the dismal situation. Nevertheless, I gave a full-meal-deal presentation, in spite of the small audience.

Well one lady must have liked what I had to say, my honest and heartfelt belief in the product and generosity with my giveaways (Tupperware totally OWNED the pink spoon concept back then with all their clever little plastic gadgets to hand out!), because she said she’d like to have a party too and so we agreed on a date.

When I showed up at her house on the appointed night, there were over 30 people there! These guests were attentive (they actually wanted to be there!), bought lots of Tupperware and booked parties themselves.  It was the most profitable party I had ever had AND my most successful, long-running chain of parties and referrals … and it all began with that little party of 3 people.

My point?

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve just hung your PM shingle out there and there’s no big stampede to your door, or you only have  a few clients. Make the most of your ‘start up’ phase with these cool things you can do:

  • Dazzle your clients with extreme customer care (you should be doing this anyway). They will be blown away by the time and attention you are giving their business.
  • Relish the idea of exclusivity. Make it a sign of status that you are only working with a small, select group of clients (there is nothing wrong with this).
  • Take the time to refine, improve and test your processes. Make sure the work flows you are using for a few clients are scalable for when your business grows.

Focusing on delivering quality service and results is the secret to endorsements, referrals and a great reputation. The business will follow!