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Identity Crisis

What to do when people don’t ‘get’ what you do. I was watching a program on TV and one of the character’s lines both resonated and felt like a punch in the stomach. Two cops were standing over a body and one says to the other: “the victim was a project manager, whatever that is.”Continue Reading

What do Spinning Classes and Projects Have in Common?

I started back at the gym a few weeks ago….and have re-kindled my passion for group rides (aka spinning classes). I’d forgotten what a good work out they can be and how energized I feel when I’m done. Here’s some similarities I noticed that parallel what we do as business owners when we implement projectsContinue Reading

When it comes to management styles, do you ride the merry-go-round or roller coaster?

It occurred to me while mowing grass recently, that while I find the experience mostly therapeutic: the drone of the John Deere, the sunshine and the break from technology (actually my BlackBerry is always within reach in case I need to ping someone to bring me water or gas), I secretly long for a fewContinue Reading

A Small Start Can Lead to a Big Finish

We’ve all taken jobs during our ‘salad days’ – remember when you were working your way through university or when you were just starting out in life – to make ends meet. For me, one of the 3 concurrent jobs I had in my early days, was selling Tupperware (my husband used to say “NoContinue Reading

Issues … when to sweat the small stuff.

So I took my mother to the pharmacy which shares a small, busy parking lot with a doctor’s office. The lot was jammed that particular morning and there were 3 cars, including me, all trying to back out of our spots at the same time. A fourth car came screaming in the exit (there’s onlyContinue Reading

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