The upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd has inspired an ‘eco-edition’ of our weekly blog. It’s caused us to stop, reflect and applaud the earth-friendly benefits of being virtual.

Here’s a few ways we virtual professionals are saving the planet!

Reducing our carbon footprint. No commute here … our average travel time from bed to desk is under 30 seconds and the only fuel required is coffee!

Saving energy. No rows of fluorescent lighting in our offices … just 4 energy-efficient light bulbs and a big old window.

Tree hugging. That’s right. Trees are cheering us for buying less coffee in paper take-out cups. We just keep refilling our travelling mugs or fine china cups!

So the next time you’re secretly relishing in the guilty pleasures of working virtually – you know, like wearing pyjamas all day – think of the more noble aspects and how you are really helping the environment.

All fired up? Why not support one of these world-wide causes or your favourite environmental charity.