Making sure everyone is crystal clear on project deliverables

Be honest. Has a client ever griped that you didn’t deliver what they asked for? Ever had a client change their mind about what they wanted … halfway through the project? Have stakeholders ever provided clashing requirements? What about getting new requirements just when you thought the project was finished? Yeah, we thought so!

Well you can avoid these scenarios by having a detailed Business Requirements Document (BRD). The process of discovering, analyzing, defining, and documenting the requirements of the project will ensure that your scope is clearly defined and well understood for everyone involved. It will also help you assess what will be required to complete the work in terms of time and resources.

Don’t forget – the more detailed or accurate your BRD is, the easier it is to break it down into requirements that everyone understands – and agrees on! Believe us when we say it is MUCH easier to resolve an issue at this phase of the project than just when you think the project is finished! Using the BRD to capturing what the stakeholders really want from the project is the secret to getting it right, and it can be your record or contract for fulfilling your client’s business needs.

Try this Business Requirements Document easy reference tool the next time you are putting project requirements together.