Maybe you’ve just started offering project management services in your business. Maybe it’s your first project or you don’t have much project management experience under your belt. If you’re feeling anxious or panicky, here’s a few pointers to get those novice PM jitters out of your head.

Don’t take on a huge project. When you’re just starting out, unless you have a team of PM’s to support you, don’t get yourself into a situation that will be too difficult to deal with. Anticipating the complexity of a major project will just compound your nervousness and the feeling that you are in over your head. Accept projects that you are confident you can handle so you can swim not sink!

Surround yourself with good people. You’ll be less pessimistic or stressed if you know you have a good team behind you. Whenever possible, choose your team members carefully – get referrals from people you trust or select those you have worked with before. Remember – you don’t’ have to know everything if you have a competent and reliable team to get the tasks done.

Know your stuff. If you’ve had project management training, this is where you put it to work for you. Review all the steps in the process and look over the tools and procedures you are planning to use on your project. Start thinking about how you are going to manage the job so each step is planned and timed – you’ll feel super prepared and in control if you follow your project management methodology.

No project is perfect – expect things to go wrong. Chalk up the experience as a valuable lesson learned. Now on to your next project!

So … feeling better?