When was the last time you did a post-mortem on a project? The correct answer is when your last project finished. But learningstypically we are so busy managing multiple projects that we often don’t make the time for one of the key activities that will actually save us time (and grief) down the road.

Here’s our big 3 tips for a productive and worthwhile session:

  • No prepping the team – you will just end up with a list of gripes and grievances and an even longer agenda. Use consensus at your session to get to the top 3 things that worked well and the 3 things that need to be improved.
  • No sniping – stay focused on problems and don’t let the session turn into a free-for-all.
  • Don’t let your learnings collect dust – the whole point is to come away with processes to fix or actions to take that will make the next project go better. Put a plan in place to address the 3 things that need improving.

Believe it not, lessons learned are extremely worthwhile. Make a point of scheduling this activity as part of your project plan so it gets done while the learnings are fresh and before everyone runs off to their next project. Now, have you learned your lesson?  🙂