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Stories of Success. Inside the Box.

Listen to leaders from the front lines of business today talk about their experiences and hear some of their personal lessons learned on the road to success.

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thought leader | master project manager | authorMark Jones - Copy

Mark Jones                        April 10, 2013

This experienced technologist is a 30+ year veteran who has seen and done it all and is ready to   share the good stuff. With a legacy of cool and challenging projects, our expert tells us about his work on defining project manager competencies. Find out why he has earned the title of ‘Yoda’ on LinkedIn and hear what this  seasoned professional has to say about the business of project management.


kristi-pavlik-headshot1 - Copy business transformer | systems thinker | teacher | certified launch specialist

Kristi Pavlik                      April 24, 2013

From helping business owners convert ideas into systems that support profit and growth, to teaching online professionals how to apply the art of systemization in their own practices, this dynamo has plenty of advice and wisdom to go around. Learn how re-engineering with project management helped propel this entrepreneur’s business to new heights.


C Morris online business manager | college instructor | non-profit event manager

Christine Morris             May 8, 2013

A step-by-step approach is the way to business and personal success for this expert and her team. Planning, structure, streamlining and automating the entire business is what this Online Business Manager delivers to make small businesses thrive. Hear what this passionate and purposeful guest has to say about the process of creating value-driven businesses.


Janica Smith

Janica Smith                         Coming Up






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