Indecisive or fickle clients can be challenging. They may know what they what but have trouble articulating it, or sometimes the vision for their business is cloudy. That translates to careful and repeated probing on your part to extract the true (or as true as can be determined) requirements, and ongoing validation to ensure the course of action doesn’t stray from the frequently meandering path.

In some cases, the client doesn’t know what they want until a certain stage is complete, so schedule those decision points as milestones. It also helps to have a path (project plan!) mapped out start to finish, guiding the client to focus on being specific with their requirements. These days, tweaking and adjusting have become the norm on many projects but it’s important to make the client understand that ongoing revisions could delay their delivery date , cost them more money or both (we’d be lying if we said this was a bad thing … especially if you’re the one being paid to keep making changes). A good PM however, wants to complete the job so the client can start receiving the benefits the end result is expected to provide. Keeping the project on track and helping the client to get clear on the direction will achieve just that.

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