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Project Management in a Box Online Training Course

Are you struggling to manage your business or project portfolio?

Are you overwhelmed by problems or issues every day?

Are you frustrated by the lack of control despite your effort?

Having trouble managing your virtual team?

Is your online project management system a mess?

There is a pain free solution! Finally, project management help designed specifically for you.

So stop worrying – you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re one of the thousands of online professionals that are discouraged by all the wasted time, money and effort to keep track of projects when you just end up spinning your wheels, then our project management course and tools will put you on the fast track to success!

Your project pain relief is ‘in the box’!

If you want to drive effectiveness and efficiency in your business, then project management is a powerful tool for working smart and getting things done!

Project Management is one of the fastest growing new virtual services!

Painless Project Management training will give you:

  • A start-to-finish process that gets you from concept to done!
  • A standard approach and tools for the whole team to follow and use
  • A way to work with cross-functional teams or contractors
  • A knowledgebase that will drive even more speed and success on your next project

Get It All – Only $247

Project mastermind Deb Exel has used her expert advice and hard-won wisdom to design a course that will equip online professionals with the skills she KNOWS they need to avoid failure and start driving new value and growth for their business and clients. As a project managers with over 15 years of experience, she is focused on helping other professionals get the hottest, most in-demand, talked-about skill out there today.

Hear what business owners are saying about Painless Project Management

“Thank you Deb and Robin for such a great class!  You helped me take projects that I do and put everything together in one simple plan.  Now the plans that I create allow me to determine every aspect of a project – down to the last detail.  This is a great class for anyone who is looking toimprove their skills as a project manager or even for those who are just starting out.  If you want to work on your project management skills then this is the class for you!”

Thanks again! Michelle Colvin, President
MLC Business Solutions

“This course is not just for PMs, it’s for people that are working with PMs.”
Earl Elliott, Sr Manager Cost Optimization
Network Services
Allstream Inc.

If you’re ready to elevate the status and reputation of your business with professional project management services, then

get this training!

Here’s what you’ll get from the Painless Project Management experience:

The Training Approach:

  • 4 self-paced modules
  • project management methodology and theory
  • practical how-to-application of key learnings
  • case study and exercises
  • tools & templates associated with each project management phase
  • online project management system demos
  • webinar recordings of each module
  • Q&A recording
  • One-on-One personal coaching session

Module 1 – Getting started with project management

  • Learn just what a project is (and what it’s not)
  • Discover what project management is all about
  • Understand the project phases and life-cycle
  • Know the criteria for selecting the right projects for your business or client
  • Become familiar with the characteristics of a good PM
  • Defining requirements and client objectives – knowing what needs to be done
  • Learn how to establish a Project Charter
  • Find out why some projects fail and how to avoid it on your projects

Module 2 – Putting it all together (and keeping it together) with Planning

  • Understand the importance of the planning process
  • Get the steps in developing a project plan
  • See how to map out the work packages within your project
  • Build a resource plan
  • Utilizing scheduling tools to manage timelines and task assignments
  • Get  the basics for estimating costs and work effort for your project
  • Learn how to identify and prioritize the risks
  • Establishing and implementing a change management plan
  • Determining how to control and track performance
  • How to build a communication plan: channels, tools and methods
  • Putting it all together – the Project Management Plan


Module 3 – Managing and executing projects … painlessly

  • How to  do the job of a PM – skill sets and competencies
  • Taking control and managing your project
  • Working with  virtual team and cross-functional teams
  • Documentation … the key to great project management
  • Monitoring time, cost and scope – the triple constraint of project management
  • Planning and facilitating status meetings
  • Managing and dealing with issues
  • Project status reports – providing information and insight
  • Using your change management process to control scope
  • Risk management tactics and tracking
  • Know how you’re doing – mid project evaluations and outcomes


Module 4 – Wrapping it all up … ending a project

  • Understanding scheduled and unscheduled project closures
  • Learn the steps in ending a project the right way
  • How to know when a project is ‘done’
  • Conducting a Lessons Learned session
  • After the project – maintenance, warranty and support
  • End of project and post-implementation reviews
  • Find out why some projects are terminated early

BONUS MODULE!! – Project Management for Team Members

This is a fantastic new module for anyone who is on a project team but not leading the team. All the ‘how to’s’ and ‘do nots’  to be a great contribution to the team in a helpful video and resource guide.

Ready to get the skills, take control and start managing?

Get your training NOW!

Whether you manage one project a year, several projects or have many projects occurring simultaneously,

YOU need Painless Project Management training:

Online & Management professionals

Online Business Managers (OBM)

Virtual Assistants (VA)

Multi VA Team Members

Multi VA Business Owners

Internet Marketers & Social Media Specialists

Don’t spend another day agonizing about the state of your projects …  start working ‘inside the box’!

Sign up for our program, get it for only $247!

If you’re ready to create a profitable new line of business and want to add Project Management to the list of services you offer, get your training now by just clicking on the big button below and you will be one step closer to being part of a hot, new emerging niche market!


Who is managing your projects today and do they know what they’re doing?

As a business owner or professional, do you have the skills to grow your business?

Does your team have the right training to manage your projects?

Most businesses do not have the processes in place to successfully manage their clients and accounts!


When you invest in virtual project management skills you will immediately see changes in how you approach projects, your ability to take control, and  how you can apply project management to drive important change in your business practices.  Experience the powerful impact Painless Project Management can have in your business or the projects you are managing for your clients.

If you want to stop wasting time and start making money, don’t wait any longer. Get the skills that will put you on the leading edge of online business management, get them now and ‘start working inside the box’.

What are you waiting for?




Deb Exel
Your Project Mastermind

Are you ready to become a Virtual Project Management Professional!
Start working ‘inside the box’!

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