A PM that is on the ball periodically engages the team in doing project evaluations. Usually reviews are conducted at the end of the project, but a health check mid way can be a very valuable exercise. The reason for mid project reviews or evaluations is to confirm that the project objectives are being achieved. It’s important to make sure that the project has not wandered off course of the project objectives, but if it has, then the findings of the review need to be acted on.

Meeting the client’s requirements and expectations are the goals of the project so holding a review will confirm you are still working on the right things. Don’t forget evaluations take time and money to complete so if the team needs to be involved, work may have to stop on the project until the review is over.

The review could show:

 Minor adjustments are needed to get a requirement back on track
 The original project objectives are not valid anymore
 The project should be terminated – it happens

If the time and resources are available, regular project reviews are beneficial checkpoints to make sure your project is still on track to deliver as expected or it can be a good way to pre-empt additional missteps that can derail your project further.