Have you ever worked on a project where it was unclear who was responsible for what … resulting in missed deadlines and embarrassing moments for you as the Project Manager when you’re providing status to your client? If you’re new to project management or even if you’ve been managing projects for awhile, you may not know that there is a ‘cool tool’ to help you with defining roles and responsibilities that take the guesswork out of who’s doing what.

It’s a chart that you develop in the planning phase of a project to define who is responsible to complete each component of the work. Not only does it help you define who is doing the work, but also who is accountable to see that the work is done. It’s a vital way to ensure everyone knows who completes the tasks and ensures all tasks necessary to complete the project are assigned.

Here’s an easy way to assign roles and responsibilities. It’s called a RACI chart:

R = the person responsible for doing the actual work to complete the task
A = the person that is accountable to ensure the task is completed
C = the person or group of people that are consulted on the task
I – those that are informed of the work or task

You can create your own RACI chart to track roles and responsibilities with Excel, you’ll find that you refer to it over and over again.  It’s one of the best project management control tools in your ‘toolkit’ to ensure processes are followed,  status updates and key information on progress are easily obtainable, and it will give you confidence as the project manager that critical tasks will not be missed.

Have you found a way to track roles and responsibilities in your projects that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you.

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