Superpowers are not just found in summer blockbusters … they’re also found working quietly within most projects, wielded subtly by savvy project managers everywhere. Don’t believe it? Take another look. If you don’t think these are super powers then you need to check your pulse:

  •  X-ray Vision (power of clarity) – a good project manager can spot when requirements are fuzzy or lack clarity. Knowing when objectives aren’t clear and taking action can reduce churn, rework or – even worse – delivering something the client didn’t ask for.
  • Ability to sense danger (risk) – Nothing is ever as easy at it seems. Project managers are trained to gather any possible risks to the project and design a contingency plan to address the things that could go wrong. Of course, you don’t know what you don’t know, but you can anticipate that too.
  • Mind Control (influence) – Project managers know you need people to get the job done and how to work with diverse, virtual and cross-functional teams to make sure it does (get done!).

So … are you convinced project management IS a superpower for success? Besides all the cool abilities, project management skills will make you more marketable and effective whatever your area of expertise is. What’s more powerful than that?

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