Many people tell us that they are unable to see any progress on their project in their online project management tool … that it just looks like a long list of tasks.

One thing that is critical – every task needs a Due Date assigned to it. Project Management is all about working to a deadline or target … without a date, the task is stranded. The first thing you need to do is make sure every task has a due date on it so you’ll know when it has to be done. Once it has a date, it will appear in your digest or status tabs as coming due, overdue etc and will be part of the overall view for the project.

A good way to view progress is with a bar or Gantt chart – almost all online PM tools have the capability. It shows you the overall timeline for the project, what has been completed, what is planned and what is overdue. It’s a great end-to-end visual of your project if you are looking for big-picture progress.

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