A project manager’s ‘soft skills’ are the most important element in the successful delivery of any project.

To be a truly great project manager you need to know how to deliver projects that meet or exceed your client’s expectations, but that’s only a percentage of the success equation. A leading edge virtual project manager must possess these 9 ‘must have’ skills (not listed in any particular order):

1. Enthusiasm/Passion – A virtual project manager must be passionate about the project but also about being a the best project manager out there

2. Energy – Project Management can be a tiring job…especially a virtual PM.

3. Superior Inter-personal Skills – you need to know when to listen, when to control and when to keep quiet.

4. Commitment to Excellence – everything you to and touch must be perceived to be an exceptional delivery of the best possible project solution.

5. Commitment to success – you must commit to the meeting defined timelines of the project to exceed your client expectations.

6. Remember your sense of humour – this will go a long way with getting you through many seemingly tough situations………….

7. Ability to motivate – your team, yourself and your clients. As a virtual PM you are responsible for the environment that allows your team to deliver their best!

8. Self-motivation – Need we say more? If you can’t motivate yourself how can you possibly motivate a dynamic, ever-changing team!

9. Excellent communication skills – we’ve discussed this before, but it’s worth repeating – you have to have the capability to listen to your client’s needs……………and convert them into clear project requirements for your team to deliver.

Ok, so there’s a few more than 9 ‘must have’ skills ………..

You also need to be honest, a good negotiator (you’ll need to get to a win/win in almost all scenarios), and you have to be approachable and available.

Does this sound like you or do you want to be this person?

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