Virtual events are becoming more and more common in the online and brick-and-mortar world.  Working virtually hasparty in a box allowed online business professionals to communicate with their global partners and clients, and it has provided traditional businesses a way to connect people in various geographical locations for training, conferences or summits – without the expense of travel and physical meeting logistics.

But how many times have you had to plan or run an event and felt in a constant state of panic, chaos or dread that you’ve forgotten some crucial element that will cause a complete disaster? Or has managing events just become so stressful or so much work that you no longer even offer this service to your clients or want to host revenue-generating events for your own business?

Everyone knows that managing an event is a project in itself … wouldn’t it be great (and a relief) to have a project management process designed exclusively for managing an event?

Well we have just the solution – ‘Virtual Event in a Box™’! It has everything you need to plan and run a virtual event … start to finish!

Virtual Event in a Box™ is the perfect planning and execution system for virtual events such as webinars, telesummits or teleseminars. It can also be useful for live events such as conferences, retreats or special events.

If you’re done with the drama and anxiety that can come with managing a virtual event, then de-risk your next project with our Virtual Event in a Box™ solution!

Whether you manage one event a year, or several, if you can improve your end-to-end process, avoid stress, churn or prevent a catastrophe AND hold a virtual event that everyone is talking about, then it’s a small investment in your business success.

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