Virtual Project Management is Hot, Hot, Hot! and it’s also not new!  Projects Managers have been operating virtually for years. It’s been a long time since teams working on project tasks were co-located. Virtual teams are a fact of life these days and so important to the success of biz owners worldwide.

More and more online professionals and business owners rely on virtual project managers to implement their business strategies by managing their team members remotely. We know that this can be challenging at times and sometimes gets compounded in a virtual environment. It is commonly understood that if you have more than 3 clients you need a virtual project manager to mind your business and implement the work.

A successful virtual project manager must be a great communicator, with a clearly defined communication plan and check in regularly with team members tasked to complete the work. This also means being a good listener; to convert project requirements into tasks that the team can deliver to fully meet your client needs.

If you aspire to become a stellar virtual project manager you must also be able to delegate, solve problems and be ‘cool under pressure’.  How often do projects go awry requiring the project manager to effectively manage the inevitable change?

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