Lots of people out there are in the virtual project management business these days. But if you really want to earn and keep the reputation of someone who knows how to get the job done, to get hired or referred, here are some of the qualities we think you need on your ‘virtual’ resume!

Committed – be interested and ‘present’ when it comes to the project at hand. This is somebody’s business that’s at stake and they want to believe they have the best project manager out there on it.

High Energy – Project Management is a busy, demanding job. You need energy and focus to stay on top of everything.

Exceptional people skills – never underestimate the importance of people: you need them to get the work done and it will mean managing all types of personalities and work ethics. You’ll need to know how to negotiate the intricacies of give and take in business relationships.

Results Oriented – you should be seen as doing a quality job and focused on delivering the best possible project solution that will be recognized as successful in the eyes of your client.

Motivated – You manage the space where the work gets done. You need to be able to motivate your team, yourself and your clients in a dynamic, constantly-changing environment.

Great Communicator – You need to really listen and pick up cues so (spoken and unspoken) that reveal your client’s vision and goals, then be able to translate them into requirements that the team can deliver. Not only that, you’ll need many communication styles and tools to give and get the information you to keep the project on track and moving forward.

Ability to laugh – your sense of humour and a pragmatic approach will get you through those days when your project seems to be circling the drain.

Do you fit this description? Do you want to?

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