I started back at the gym a few weeks ago….and have re-kindled my passion for group rides (aka spinning classes). I’d forgotten what aspin good work out they can be and how energized I feel when I’m done. Here’s some similarities I noticed that parallel what we do as business owners when we implement projects for ourselves or get things done for our clients…..can you relate to any of these?

Spinning classes are like projects because they:
– Start and end
– Require planning to get set up correctly (each bike has to be adjusted for the person doing the ride)
– Require you to assess risk – depending on how ‘new’ you are you need to make sure you work at your own pace so you can safely complete the class
– Require you to watch for Issues – have you got enough water, are you working at too high an intensity, has your shoe lace come undone – you need to adjust your plan if any of these issues arise
– Assess what you might do differently the next time ( Lessons learned) – arrive earlier, set up your bike a bit differently, bring more water, double knot your shoe laces, work at your own pace

Looking forward to a fitter & prosperous 2014!