Are you wondering what the phrase ‘In A Box’ means?  Well, it was developed as a corporate communication tactic for mass rollout of information or initiatives. It can be a means to equip management with the ability to reach many people while providing all the tools and materials for communicating. It also ensures consistency of messaging and implementation by supplying everything you need. The ‘In a Box’ approach can be adapted to jobs, events, training, communication and so much more!

Managing projects can be frustrating and complex, but they don’t need to be. Having access to the project management-in-a-box toolkit will enable you to deliver project solutions consistently for your clients and yourself. Who doesn’t want to their projects run more effectively, on-time and with the lowest risk of surprises?

No matter the duration of your project, from short, simple, easy to implement projects to the most complex, integrated and ongoing projects that last several months, the ‘in a box’ solution provides you with access to the tools, templates and tips you’ll need to keep your project organized and on track!
The ‘in a box’ system means you have the flexibility to use the components of the toolkit that make sense for your project. For each phase of your project you will have access to all the resources you need to manage your project including: process mapped overview, project checklists so you don’t miss a key step along the way, to time-tested and proven tools, templates & tips for end-to-end project success.

Following the ‘PM In A Box’ program, your project management process will be pain free, delivering projects for your clients in a more efficient way, increasing their profitability and your own!

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