In honour of Mother’s Day on May 13th, we would like to dedicate this week’s blog to the all the moms out there and their wonderful multitasking ability. This talent is highly valued in Project Managers, and to most moms, it just comes naturally!

Let’s compare…

Managing multiple activities

A project manager typically looks after several projects at once, keeping all the details for each one straight. Then there’s mom: helping the kids with homework or class project while she’s starting dinner, doing the laundry and looking for an item someone has misplaced. Mom is a consummate multitasker!

Short Term Goals

Project managers are always keeping their eye on the short term goals – things that are coming up in the near future that they need to coordinate or monitor, such as status meetings, current deliverables or issues and updating project documentation. Mom is doing the same thing: prepping for parent- teacher interviews, filling out permission slips for upcoming school trips, arranging carpools, dealing with a sick kids (issues!) and planning meals and grocery lists.

Long Term Goals

Just as project managers are planning for long range targets such as milestones or project phases, and getting work underway to avoid last minute panic, mom too is looking down the road: planning for holidays, birthdays and family events, rotating clothes from winter to summer and getting other household projects organized.

As project managers we depend on our ability to multitask to survive the endless stream of inputs we have to handle each day. So we commend the ultimate multitaskers – mothers – who are doing the same thing day in and day out.

So next time you need someone who can ‘do it all’, call a PM. Or, you could call a mom!