In business today anyone may be asked to lead a project or be a project team member. More and more parts of our ‘day’ jobs are requiring project management skills.

If you own a business, you need to have the skills to grow it or make sure the people working for you that are implementing your projects or initiatives, know what they’re doing. Most small businesses do not have the processes or training in place that will save time and money or be successful. Project Management IS that success superpower so you’ll always know what you’re doing. Not only that, project management skills make you more marketable, regardless of your field – what’s more powerful than that?

3 Project Management Superpowers:

• X-ray Vision (power of clarity) – project management skills equip you with the ability to recognize the lack of clarity, fuzzy requirements or other weaknesses that can lead to failed projects.

• Ability to sense danger (risk) – Project management shows you how to anticipate and plan for risk.

• Mind Control (influence) – Project management gives you influence with people so you can get the job done

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